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One of the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle is realizing that first and foremost, your energy should come naturally from your nutrition, rather than from caffeine and artificial stimulants. With 17 grams of Vegan protein, 17g of fibre-packed gluten-free carbs, land and sea greens, essential fats, and more, VERDA™ Superfood is primed to provide a healthy dose of daily energy that lasts to power active bodies and stimulate active minds. This natural provision of energy through plant-based whole foods is achieved with the full convenience of any commercial “quick-fix” (ex. energy drinks), as VERDA™ Superfood is ready to nourish with the simple flip of a shaker cup.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast it is a fact that you get out of your body what you put into it – you literally are what you eat! What many people don’t realize is that even for the most balanced diet, your body needs a diverse range of critical micro-nutrients to function at its best. Being densely packed with a myriad of plant-based vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidants, VERDA™ addresses the body’s need for nutrition on a cellular level to optimize physical and mental performance. All of these micronutrients combine to help boost immune system, provide natural energy, support improved organ function and digestion, fight free radicals and cell aging, and support an overall active lifestyle. It is also note-worthy that all of VERDA’s™ greens and fruits undergo a premium freeze-drying process to preserve 100% of their biological value.

One of the biggest stereotypes that a Vegan diet needs to overcome is the idea that relying 100% on plant-based food sources will deprive the body of certain fundamental nutrients like protein. While a vast majority of other plant-based supplements have failed to address this outdated concept, VERDA™’s innovative and transparent formula brings forth a nutrition system that is as complete in its amino acid and BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) profile as it is in its overall nutrition value. Unlike many dairy proteins, which can become denatured during manufacturing, plant-based proteins undergo low-heat, chemical-free refining processes that preserve the structure of their biologically active amino acids. This complete plant-based protein allows for highly optimized muscle recovery and repair following any exercise, no matter how intense.


Even the strongest bodies are nothing without an optimized support system to ensure they can maintain optimal digestion and immune health. VERDA™ addresses this with 9g of fibre which works in tandem with 9 varieties of probiotics to promote healthy intestinal flora and digestion. Where some plant based proteins rely heavily on pea protein, which in higher quantities can sometimes produce indigestion, VERDA™ Superfood utilizes a plant protein blend of sprouted brown rice protein isolate, hemp protein isolate, and pea protein in a 3:1:1 ratio. The easier-digesting brown rice protein maintains a trouble-free nutritional process while maintaining the benefits of each variety of plant protein and a complete amino acid profile. VERDA™ Superfood’s incredible nutrient density also maintains healthy organ function and an optimal immune system.


Nutritional facts aside, if there is any one most important reason to consider switching to a plant-based diet, it would be to enjoy the benefits of pure nutrition that is free from GMOs, contaminants, drugs, and other harmful substances. Each and every one of VERDA’s™ nutritional ingredients is guaranteed to be banned substance and GMO free. In addition, plant-based supplements like VERDA™ Superfood offer individuals with food allergies the chance to build a healthy nutrition and fitness regimen without worrying about gluten, soy, dairy, or other animal-derived allergens. Bring on the empowerment!

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