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Defcon1 is Platinum Labs revolutionary thermonuclear pre-workout formula. Giving you the highest level of alert, Defcon1 was formulated to provide tactical focus and artillery strength. 1 scoop will give you mighty muscle pumps and zero fallout from the dreaded crash! Defcon1 was awarded not just “Pre-workout of the year” at the Arnold Classic Australian supplement awards but the most prestigious award “Supplement of the year”. Defcon1 is the perfect fusion of clinically dosed ingredients including:

go Creatine HCL 750mg
for a massive surge of strength.

key Agmatine sulfate & Betaine
leaves you pumped for hours after.

key2 CDP Choline & L-Tryptophan
keeps you focused on nothing but destroying your workout.

key Higenamine, Advantra-Z, Dendrobium
provides a massive energy surge so you leave the gym in ruins.


Pineapple (30 Servings), Red Cream Soda (30 Servings), Water Berry (30 Servings), Watermelon (30 Servings)


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