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key2 L-Taurine: is a nonessential amino acid and one of the most abundant amino acids in the body which can be found in the central nervous system, white blood cells, the brain and skeletal muscles. It has been shown to support exercise performance by assisting mental focus and acting as a powerful source of energy to support body composition.*

Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused through an entire training session. There are so many distractions, and it’s hard to clear your head to dedicate the time needed to achieve any set fitness goals. Staying focused in the gym is very important, but if you are finding it to be a struggle…

With Infinite ONE, you now have the ability to add L-Taurine to any existing supplement or even make your own focus product.*

Stacking key2 Infinite ONE:

key2 The Basics

  • AAKG
  • L-Norvaline Add To:

  • Infinite Labs® BCAA to help start the day off focused.*
  • An existing pre workout that does not have L-Taurine to increase your focus during training.*

Remember that all watch Infinite ONE products have a recommended dosage that should not be exceeded when mixing with other supplements or making your own.* Directions For L-Taurine: As a dietary supplement for adults, mix one serving (1 Scoop) into 8 ounces of cold water or beverage of choice. Stir well.

Serving Size

60g (120 Servings)


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