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Carnosyn® Beta Alanine: is a bio-friendly form of Beta Alanine, which is a naturally occurring beta amino acid which supports the synthesis of muscle carnosine levels in the body. Muscle carnosine has been shown to act as a buffering agent that helps to prevent muscular fatigue during exercise.

-Ideal supplement for explosive exercise or sports
-Helps increase training intensity
-Supports muscular endurance and performance.
-Helps prevent muscle fatigue
-Promotes high energy levels

Directions For Beta Alanine: As a dietary supplement for adults, mix one serving (1 Scoop) into 8 ounces of cold water or beverage of choice. Stir well. Beta Alanine may cause a tingling sensation on your skin. With continued use, the intensity of the sensation will decrease and/or disappear.

Serving Size

120g (60 Servings)


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